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Intelligent control device for GTS-960E series switch cabinet


GTS-960E switch cabinet intelligent control device, the product is powerful, used for 3KV-35KV indoor switchgear, central cabinets, hand car cabinets, fixed cabinets, ring nets, cabinets and other switching cabinets. It has dynamic primary analog diagram, high voltage live display, automatic heating, dehumidification, data display and control

Indication, indication of storage energy, grounding switch status indication, indication of car position, complete indication of switching circuit, induction of human body and illumination inside the cabinet, voice anti misoperation, etc.. Can replace the existing primary circuit analog diagram, live display, automatic heating dehumidification controller, circuit breaker, split button, high brightness large screen LCD display, RS485 communication interface, MODBUS communication protocol. The switch cabinet is more intelligent, networked and digitalized, which is convenient for users to use and operate.








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