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CM801 integral (integral) low voltage motor intelligent controller






4、具有接地漏电保护输出、报警及预警功能(实时监控、提前发出警示信号、正常状态 时自动解除预警信号和故障跳闸)。








CM801 integral (integral) structure, the host module display module and the transformer module as a whole, can be installed in the MNS, GCS, GCK, GGD and other drawing (including 1/4 drawer), fixed type and hybrid type cabinet. Applicable to electricity, petrochemical, metal smelting, manufacturing, light industry, coal and many other industries.

Functional characteristics:

1 、 monitor has overload protection, under load protection, phase failure and three-phase unbalanced protection, blocking protection, earth protection, leakage protection, line protection, undervoltage and over-voltage protection.

2 、 with starting delay function, can avoid starting high current, it is separated from overload action time. The monitor is equipped with current transformer and zero sequence current transformer (optional), with high measuring accuracy and strong anti-interference ability.

3 、 automatic reset function and start mode function (such as: star delta start, autotransformer start, frequency sensitive rheostat start) and many other functions.

4 、 with earth leakage protection, output, alarm and early warning function (real-time monitoring, warning signal ahead of time, the normal state automatically lift early warning signal and fault tripping).

5, with memory failure and motor operation time accumulation memory function, can be used for users to see the fault state and motor operation accumulation time.

6 、 based on microcomputer and digital processing technology, the measurement accuracy is high, the linearity is good, the fault resolution is accurate, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

7, E2PROM memory technology is adopted to realize the parameter setting. After the power cut, the setting parameters are still saved without setting up.

8, with settings keys, shift keys, data keys, reset button, you can set and modify various parameters.

9, one machine multi-purpose, can replace the voltmeter, ammeter, thermal relay, current transformer, time relay, leakage relay, current transmitter, etc..

10, with 4 ~ 20mA analog output interface and RS485 remote communication interface, convenient and host computer network monitoring system. The protection parameters of the monitor are set and modified by the host computer, the monitoring of the running status and the operation of stop and stop, and the inquiry of historical data, etc..

11, the use of back inserted structure, strong and weak electricity is completely separated, can greatly reduce the external electromagnetic interference in the weak side of the coupling, and enhance the anti-interference ability of the device, improve its reliability and security.








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