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The need for development of the company, is now looking for agent, as long as you have the market information, networking, customer resources, project agents, regional agents, OEM, cooperation agents and other flexible mechanisms with you and seek common development, a lot of good, a lot of concessions; the company provides high quality products and technical support and thoughtful service. Solve your performance guarantee and menace from the rear area, the credibility and reputation, suppliers, realize win-win cooperation!

Agent franchisee reference conditions:

I. knowledge of electrical automation control or related low voltage electrical appliance products, with years of relevant experience in the same industry;

Two, in a large local industrial and mining enterprises, industry design institutes or related projects or power sets, with a certain network of contacts and customer resources;

Three 、 college degree or above, major in science and Engineering (electronic information technology, mechanical and electrical integration, instrumentation, electrical automation, etc.):

Four 、 strong organization and coordination ability, low voltage electrical appliance market analysis, operation ability and innovation consciousness and implementation ability;

Five 、 familiar with low voltage transmission and distribution system industry channel development skills and management capabilities;

Six, with strong language skills, communication and negotiation skills, social activities ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work;

Seven 、 responsible, self-motivated, good character, good health and able to travel.


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